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Subscription Pricing

Subscription Level Monthly Page Credits Monthly Cost
A 250 $110.00
B 500 $200.00
C 1,000 $360.00
D 2,500 $825.00
E 5,000 $1,550.00
For high volume subscriptions, please contact the sales team.

Key Features:

Automatic 100% accurate data capture of statement transactions into spreadsheets.
Automatic identification of any missing statement periods.
Inter-account matching tool to quickly identify inter-account transfers between bank accounts.
Filter, sort, search or even hide transactions by value, date, description, check number and more.
Click on any check transaction to see the image of the written check from the original statement.
Categorise transactions and save notes beside transactions of interest.
Secure storage of statement images and the corresponding spreadsheet data, grouped by case.
Invite colleagues, your client or others to collaborate.
Download the data into Excel to store or work with it locally.

Subscription Small Print:

We promise that there's no nasty small print about our pricing. Click here to see the Subscription FAQ page.

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Have a one off job and don't want a subscription?

If you are just looking to capture statements as a one off or ad-hoc requirement. Please see our Pay As You Go pricing page. To activate a PAYG account, please contact the sales team.