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  • Automate the capture, identification and analysis of key information for Medicaid application processing.
  • Extract all of the transactional data into a spreadsheet for you to quickly search, sort, filter and analyze.
  • Eliminate common oversights and human error while saving the time and cost of manually typing up spreadsheets.
  • Maximize the probability of getting your applications approved first time, every time.
  • Present your applications and your firm in the most professional light.
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It's almost too easy

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1. Simply scan statements on your existing office scanner and upload them securely to Autocaid for automatic data capture. Electronic PDF statements can simply be uploaded as you received them.

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2. Autocaid employs recognition technology and sophisticated data cleansing algorithms to extract and verify accuracy of all relevant data. It will also identify any statement periods that may have been missing.

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3. Autocaid will later notify you that your data is ready. You can then download this data in a spreadsheet form allowing you to search, sort and filter transactions quickly allowing you to finish your analysis in minutes.


Data Extraction

Autocaid provides accuracy verified data extraction from a variety of formats. Whether you scan paper statements to JPEG, TIFF or PDF, or your client forwards on a PDF statement directly from the bank, it's not a problem. Autocaid uses a combination of technologies to extract and verify the transactional data from the scanned documents. However, you don't have to worry about the techy stuff because we simply ensure your data is captured accurately every time.

User Interface

With an extremely easy to use interface, you can set up any number of Medicaid application projects, upload individual or batches of scanned documents, view the status of existing projects, and download the captured data from batches of statements you've sent to be processed.


We take data security very seriously. Autocaid uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology similar to how online payments are secured to ensure your clients data is protected. We use this throughout the application and the website. Once you've downloaded the data that has been captured for you, you can choose to delete projects from Autocaid which permanently deletes all statement images and data relating to that project.


Autocaid can provide visibility of how much data is being processed for each Medicaid application and bank account. You can easily monitor document flows, sort projects and documents by which of your authorised Autocaid users created them, sort by project name, creation date, and many more parameters.

Functional Description

AutoCaid is a cloud based solution providing a straight extraction service of bank and credit card statements. Transactional data is extracted from uploaded statement pages and available to download to an Excel or .csv file. AutoCaid also allows the user to match inter-account transactions from the uploaded statements. All balances and transaction amounts are verified before completion so that no input is required by the user post processing.